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Co-Creator of Birdie.

Social Director.

Style & Design Junkie.

Personal Assistant to Birdie.

2 a.m. Creative.

21st Century Housewife.

Ali is a small town girl who loves big city energy. She spent her early career in Manhattan working at Martha Stewart, MTV, and ABC before moving to Rome, Georgia with her husband. After 15 years in corporate America, Ali traded in her stilettos for sneakers and began chasing her toddler from sunup to sundown.



Pint Sized Princess.

Tiny Might Toddler.

Boss Babe.

Mama's Muse.

Chief Chaos Coordinator.

Darling Daredevil.

Beautiful Blue-Eyed Baby.

Birdie's 2017 debut was smashing, and she's been taking the world by storm since day one.She's got contagious belly laugh to keep things light-hearted and a serious side-eye to keep all in line. Birdie is her mother's greatest joy and biggest inspiration. She's truly a gem.



Treat Taker.

Mess Maker.

China Shop Bull.

Wannabe Truffle Hunter.

Beauty Queen.

Lap Dog.

Belly Rub Begger.

Stella the Lagotto Romagnolo joined us in January 2021 and has done an amazing job in her efforts to chew through lamp cords, destroy television remote controls, and devour 50 pound bags of kibble. She's a handful, which means she fits in perfectly with our team.

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